Connect. Protect.

Human Care is an end-to-end solution for fast, universal response to current and future pandemics and disasters.

Closer to a new normal

We are building a global digital infrastructure to power the future of human care and make the shift to the new normal, while helping to keep the virus spread under control.

We connect, include and support the ones in need during the current COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Human Care is for

From urban areas to rural settlements

Creating safer public spaces

Delivering relief to anyone, anywhere

Designing the new reality of work

Human Care app

Universal addressing

to provide 4 billion unaddressed people with unique and verified address and enable them to access essential services, anywhere.

Search & navigation

to important hubs (out- & indoor), such as hospitals, pop-up clinics and relief centers, and get help faster.

Symptoms journal

to activate people and crowdsource relevant insight about new cases and the development of new risk areas.

QR check-in / check-out

to ensure seamless access to safer high-traffic locations, office buildings and other hotspots (e.g. supermarkets)

Relief & Incentive

Map and bring ongoing relief to the ones in need.

Beginning with those on the African continent, users will be incentivized with Akoin tokens to self-identify if they are pandemic or crisis affected and in need of relief and resources. We will also provide tokens to people who contribute insights about new and developing cases to stimulate community action.

These tokens can then be exchanged for food and other essential supplies via the Human Care app. 

To maximize Akoin tokens available for distribution, we will be launching an ongoing music relief program entitled Human Frequency, with the support of Human Unlimited brands, sponsors and donors.  

The Akoin token was chosen as a trusted and transparent coin, enabling fair distribution of relief and efforts.

Human Care dashboard

Be in the know. Design the new normal. Keep communities safe.

Monitoring & analytics

Analyze insights and predict high risk areas & community outbreaks based on geolocation & data.

Custom POIs & navigation

Add important hubs & other points of interest to the map and 
customize in- & outdoor routing.

Geofencing for safety

Manage SHN control, building access management or block accessibility to certain regions.

Building the infrastructure for sustainable impact

 Leaving no one behind.

Pandemics &

Contributing to healthy lives and well-being across developed and developing countries.

living settlements

Designing smart, sustainable living settlements with positive environmental impact & human to human collaboration at the heart.

Equality & inclusive societies

Bringing economic inclusion, reducing inequalities and promoting equal opportunities.