Human frequency

Human frequency: music

Music fundraising campaign powered by global changer-makers, celebrities and ambassadors with the single vision of promoting social responsibility​

Music will allow us to unite, invite and heal with the lyrics, beats and melodies of some of the world’s most recognized musicians, led by Akon.

Artists will guide audiences to engage, enlist and emerge with:

musical moments

Unprecedented, intimate musical moments to comfort us.

Digital duets

Digital duets that connect voices all over the world.

Hometown stories

Hometown stories from the lands of our artists.

Video messages

Video messages of empathy to both the afflicted and our front line responders.

Human frequency: belief

We will be offering a rolling series of “at home” shows from
and shared across the world and available across leading platforms.

It will all be tied together with a universal global appeal to
give, support and listen as one.

Send Relief:

Funds raised through the program will be sent directly back into the system to provide food, supplies and comfort to those in need, self-registered and wanting help.